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  • Daily ?£ - ?€
  • Weekly ?£ - ?€
  • Monthly ?£ - ?€
  • Min. Day 6 HOURS
  • Seater 2
  • Energy Fuel
  • CategoryQUADBiKES-ATV
automatic shift Automatic Shift AVAILABLE
airbag Airbag UNAVAIBLE
air condition Air Condition UNAVAIBLE
7/24 Call service 7/24 service 10 EURO
Airport Airport Delivery 10 EURO
babyseat Baby seat UNAVAIBLE
helmet Helmet FREE

Rent a Quad Bike Dalyan

ATV hire in Dalyan - Dalaman Airport. Book your ATV-guad bike and enjoy the hidden mountain paths of Dalyan - Dalaman Airport resort. For your safety we will provide you with a helmet free of charge. To fully enjoy your ATV adventure we could arrange an open-air lunch during the trip - booking in advance is required. Leaded by Motoroads tour guide you will explore the best part of the mountains above Dalyan - Dalaman Airport. ATV-quad rental in Dalyan - Dalaman Airport is a lot of fun and it is very easy to book online at www.dalyancarrental.com

ATV and QuadBike rental today in Dalyan - Dalaman Airport

Dalaman International airport is situated near Dalyan. It is located 30 km northeast or about 20 minutes’ drive from the city of Dalyan. Dalaman аirport is the second busiest airport in Turkey, as well as number of direct charter flights from Europe between April and November. It is an important gateway to Southern Turkey for an increasing amount of tourists from countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria and Scandinavia during the summer season.


Dalaman Airport can be easily reached by a rental car, motorcycle or scooter via the main road network. A motorbike or scooter rental is the best way to explore Dalyan, because it gives you the freedom to reach the most secluded of beaches which abound here, or to enjoy at the fullest the marvelous gorges in the mountains. Plus motorcycles or scooters for rent are easy to manoeuvre and park in the narrow streets of the Dalyan towns. No wonder hire motorbikes and scooters are the most popular way of transportation in Dalyan.

Pre-book your motorcycle or scooter rental in Dalyan from Dalaman airport with Motoroads to enjoy the independence and privacy of exploring Dalyan's stunning beaches, great historical sites, diverse landscape with some spectacular curvy roads for motorcycle enthusiasts crossing through mountain ranges dotted with caves and sliced by dramatic gorges that spill out to the turquoise blue sea.

Contact us for our ATV - quadbike or atv hire services in Dalyan or Dalaman Airport.

Rent a QuadBike Dalyan

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Dalyan Trip Routes.

Where go this holiday ?

Economic holiday routes

Old dalyan routes

Bring with you: 

Warm clothes, sturdy shoes

Important information: 

- Passengers must be 6 years old or older
- Drivers must be 17 years old or older
- Drivers have to bring a valid driver's license

Tour Highlights:

  • Quad tour
  • Vicinity of Dalyan
  • Adventure tour in dalyan
  • Dalyan geothermal area


  • Drivers license (ATV drivers only)

Drivers License: B car License (minimum 1 year)


Engine: 250cc

Top Speed: 55km/hour

Comfort: super comfortable for two adults on any journeys




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Dalyan rent a car service call us !!


Summer or winter season we open 

Please call us with any questions at  +090 539 543 07 77 or book online below.

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Sarigerme car rental 10 EURO Sarıgerme Delivery
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