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Top 10 Car Rental Tips You Need to Know | DALYAN

November 21, 2019


Whether you want a car hire for the day or a week, or you might be passing through or you need a ride to use as yours is being repaired. You need to keep a few things in mind when looking to hire in order to get the best deals around town. Below are the things that you need to put in mind before you rent a car in DALYAN and beyond

  1. Book Early

Like many other reservations, including; plane reservations, as well as dinner reservations or they may be reservations about decision, the early you act, the higher the chances that you will get what you want at the best rates.

If you enroll in a loyalty program, this means that when you rent a vehicle on an occasional basis, you will in return realize big dividends by enrolling in the preferred customer program or within the loyalty based plan that is offered by car rental agencies. Here the rewards consist of the free upgrades, free days and the lower rates.

2. Shopping Around

This means comparing prices and searching for the discounts or the special offers that can bring savings with the low or special rates or the reduced prices on the upgrades. While talking to the agent, don’t hesitate to ask about the unadvertised discounts since many sites have got their own specials available.

3. International Boarder Crossing

Always be aware of the limitations in case you are cross international borders, some of the companies don’t allow their rental cars to cross international boarder or there are also required conditions that must be followed and met and seem very expensive. Before taking the rental car, check with the agent, and also obtain written approvals.

4. Suitable Car

Always reserve the smallest vehicle possible, this is one of the easiest way to get yourself a large car at a lower rate, most especially if you are flying with a smaller airport or possibly traveling in a busy period. Many of the locations don’t stock enough small cars and odds of upgrading are always in your favour.

5. Insurance cover

Be sure with the liability waiver, you should always check with the insurance agent to check if your personal automobile policy also covers car rentals. More so in case you are paying with your credit card, it may provide the needed insurance policy and don’t assume that if you are not covered, you will need the agency‘s policy.

6. Pre-Inspection

Always pay attention during the pre-rental inspection, this will help you much since many rental companies can be so picky when it comes to damage and when you returning the car, make sure to review the inspection and also make the car rental agent notice the damage you spot there and then. This is your best form of protection.

7. Special Offers

End ever to check the different clubs, groups, and organisations to which you belong- many of these have good and special arrangements for car hiring in order to provide good discounts for the members.

8. Fuel / Gas

You should be very careful with the prepaying of gas, in case you are to return the vehicle with a full gas tank, remember to fill it yourself just before you bring it in. making payments to the company to do it can result in charges that are more that the cost of gas, this might also result into a big charge if the car has a large gas tank.

9. Family Car Rental

In case you are traveling with family, make sure that you rent a car that will seat each and every one. You can choose a car with plenty of room for passengers as well as the luggage. Also make sure that the family member who is to drive the rental car is listed on the agreement.

10. Car Rental Agreement

Car hiring is not so complicated, but it can be so tricky if you are not so familiar with it and you enter into a contract unprepared. You can use these suggestions as a basic guide and you will then drive with a good bargain.

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