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Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Dalyan


  • SUP touring Dalyan
  • SUP yoga Dalyan
  • SUP fishing Dalyan 
  • SUP race Dalyan 

Stand Up Paddle Board Dalyan Mugla


Paddleboard and paddle on the beach at Asi Bay - Kargicak Bay - Sarigerme Beach




Most SUP boards are in the range of 10–12 feet, with boards over 12 feet used mostly for racing, and those under 10 feet primarily used for SUP surfing.  The size board a user would choose depends on the user’s weight, although height can also be a factor.  Wider boards give better stability for beginners, as well as users who plan to do casual activities with their board, such as yoga, touring and fishing.  Narrower boards are more agile and are mostly used by advanced paddlers and for SUP surfing.

Due to the thickness required of a SUP, solid boards have a foam core that is then covered in one of many materials available, such as wood veneers, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.  Epoxy resin can be added on top of those materials to create a stronger board.

Another option is an inflatable SUP, or iSUP, which is built from a drop-stitch core of thousands of fine threads, that is then covered by one or more layers of PVC. iSUP can be used for all types of paddling activities, and when deflated, can be small enough to fit into a backpack.

Many SUP and iSUP boards utilize a single, centered removable fin. This is to aide in stabilization and used mostly in calm and low wave paddling.  Occasionally second and third, smaller fins are added for surfing or additional stability.





A SUP paddle is used to propel the board and its user across the surface of the water. The paddle consists of a blade, shaft, and handle, and should be between 8 and 15 inches taller than the user. They are similar to, but longer than, traditional canoe paddles. They can be constructed from plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wood. The blade of a SUP paddle is designed to be at an angle to the front of the board. This design provides more power as the user pulls themselves through the water.





A leash is used to attach the user to the board. It keeps the board from floating away should the user fall off. The leash should be about a foot longer than the board, with one end attached to the tail of the board and the other end attached to the user's ankle or calf. There are two types of leashes: coiled and straight. Choosing which to use depends on the user's preference. It is recommended to only use a leash made for a SUP, as leashes made for surf boards may not be durable enough for the heavier boards. It is also recommended that users choose a breakaway style leash for use on rivers due to the potential to get tangled in fallen tree limbs and rocks that are in the water.




Additional Equipment

The T.C. Coast Guard requires users that will be outside of swim and surf areas to have a personal flotation device available or worn, as well as a whistle to alert other boaters of your presence. It is also recommended to have a light available for night paddling and sun protection for paddling activities during the day.


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